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Making magic happen, starting with Slack

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Scoop is in the magic business.

No, we don't pull rabbits out of our hats. And we don't saw people in half. 

We make a different type of magic happen: the type that comes from moments shared in-person.

- The magic of a brainstorm where the light bulb finally goes off on a new idea
- The magic when you finally get together for coffee (252 Slack messages later)
- The magic when you find out your co-worker also stans Tanya in White Lotus

Over the past 2.5 years, the way we work has been transformed. We've unlocked a new world of flexibility that has changed everything. Yet, when it comes to our work lives, we’ve somehow lost those magic moments.

Even though we're back in the office in our hybrid worlds, the office experience is still far from great. Our friends and coworkers' plans are buried at the bottom of “are you going in?” Slack threads. We commute in only to find out that a project partner isn’t coming in after all. We sit next to empty desks and take back-to-back-to-back Zoom meetings from empty conference rooms.

We’re still missing the magic of in-person moments. Missing the relationship building and the sense of belonging to something more than just a job. 

While we love our flexibility, office half of hybrid work is a disappointment.

At Scoop, we've spent the last year exploring every aspect of people's hybrid experiences. Are they happy with their time in the office? What do hybrid employees really want that they’re not getting? How is the tension between employer and employee evolving?

Here’s what we’ve learned:

- The majority of people want to go into the office on a regular basis
- In-office days all too often don't meet our expectations
- The time and effort it takes to plan a great day in the office is far more than it should be

Scoop is going to fix all that. And it starts in Slack.

Scoop + Slack: the easiest way to make office days awesome days

Starting today, we’re rolling out a new version of Scoop for Slack that anyone can add to their company’s Slack workspace and start using in seconds. This new version includes incredibly powerful features custom designed to address the day-to-day challenges we know hybrid employees are facing. 

Let’s take a look at some of the awesome new functionality in Scoop for Slack:

Work location

Once you know when you’re going into the office next, everyone else should too. But we know you have better things to do than hold a press conference whenever you want to share your plans.

That’s why we’ve made sharing your next office day as easy as a single click. You just pick the date in the Scoop Slack app, and we’ll:

✅ Set your other days until then to Remote 🏡
✅ Automatically update your Slack status each day with your work location
✅ Add (or update) your daily work location in Google Calendar
✅ Update your work location to “Out of Office” when we see an OOO event on your calendar

No more remembering to update the calendar, message your team, or clear that old Slack status. Just pick a date, and we’ll make it happen.

Office Polls

The starting point for any hybrid team is simple: go into the office when your co-workers are too! Keeping track of schedules and plans in long Slack threads or hunting across individual calendars is inefficient, and often inaccurate.

With Office Polls, we’ve streamlined the entire process down to a few seconds of effort, from gathering interest in an easily digestible format to highlighting the most popular office day. You’ll even be able to post your office plans to your calendar without leaving Slack. 

Learn more about Office Polls -->

In-person Invites

It should be incredibly easy to connect in-person with the right people and spark those magic moments. That’s why we’ve made grabbing coffee, a bite to eat, or just spending a productive day together as easy as a few clicks -- right inside Slack.

With In-person Invites, you choose the type of invite you want to send, pick the person, and the Scoop scheduling assistant handles all the coordination from there - all the way to booking it on your calendar.

Learn more about In-person Invites -->

Daily and Weekly Snapshots

In our new hybrid lives, there’s a LOT to keep track of: people, places, meetings, priorities. That’s why we created Snapshots to bring everyone’s office plans and your own calendar together in one place.

With Snapshots, you can easily manage your day-to-day schedule with a personalized summary delivered right to you via a Slack DM. See your own plans, where your Favorites and co-workers plan to be, and review what’s on your calendar for the day (or week).

Learn more about Snapshots -->

Slack ❤️ Calendar

The two most indispensable parts of navigating hybrid work are our calendar and our company chat app (Slack, Teams, etc.). Yet, Slack and calendar too often feel like they’re operating in separate worlds and jumping back and forth between the two is really frustrating. 

With Scoop for Slack, we are closing the gap between conversation and calendar. So when you close a poll and confirm an office day, or thumbs up a coffee invite, or just set your next in-office day -- we keep your plans automatically synced from Slack to calendar.

Learn more about Calendar Sync -->

Scoop is where you work

While we’re excited about how easy Scoop for Slack makes planning great office days, Scoop’s platform is also available across iOS, Android, and Google Chrome. Update your work plans, set a weekly routine, and bring it all together with your calendar whenever and whenever you need to.

Let’s recapture the magic of connecting in-person

The best magicians leave you saying “That was awesome! How did they do that?” We’re excited to make the same impression on you as you start to explore what Scoop can bring to your hybrid lives. Scoop for Slack is free, can be installed in seconds, and requires no registration. 

Got feedback? We’d love to hear it. Drop us a line at feedback@takescoop.com once you’ve had a chance to try it out. And don’t worry—we got plenty of tricks up our sleeves still 🪄

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