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Everyone’s office plans, all in one place

Easily manage your day-to-day schedule with personalized summaries delivered via DM.

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Know who’s going in — instead of guessing

Receive automated weekly or daily summaries of who will be in the office and take back the time spent pulling up individual calendars.

Keep your team in the know without lifting a finger

No more remembering to update your calendar. Set or edit your work status in Team Sync and have it automatically reflect as an all-day event.

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Always choose the right place to do your best work

Get a personalized rundown of your upcoming meetings and where attendees plan to take them, all in one view. Know in an instant whether commuting makes sense.

See your meeting guests’ plans

Click into any upcoming meeting to see the work statuses of your guests so you can make the adjustments you need ahead of time.

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Personalize your Snapshots to work best for you

Customize your Snapshots to showcase the people and plans that matter most—from your Favorite co-workers to your manager or the CEO.

Always know where your team will be

Never second guess where your team's working from with automatic syncing between the extension and Google Calendar.

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Explore More Features

Get the most out of your Work Day

Office Polls & Invites

Poll co-workers and invite them to join you for a coffee, 1:1, or a day together at the office.

Calendar Sync

Automatically sync work locations to your calendar and always know where co-workers plan to be.

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