Effortlessly navigate your office days

Stay in control of how (and with whom) you spend your days in the office without feeling like you’re stretched thin.

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The Problem

Working from the office is a lot different than when we’re at home. Managing your time and schedule to make sure those in-office days are productive - and enjoyable - requires more effort to navigate successfully.

“I forgot what it’s like to run from meeting to meeting.”


Running Late
Let guests know you’re behind schedule with one tap from mobile to Slack.

the future

Stay fully in control throughout the day and enjoy the office again.

why scoop?

Why employees use Scoop to navigate their office days

To give you the full context of your day
To easily communicate schedule changes
To effectively budget your time in the office

Get the lay of the land

Never get thrown off guard. With Scoop you always know who is in the office with you and what’s up next on your calendar.

  • See everyone’s work locations synced to their Slack statuses
  • Easily check how many meetings you have left for the day
  • See which of your Favorite co-workers are going into the office
integration frame
integration frame

A play-by-play of your office day

Scoop is your real-time guide, helping you maneuver every part of your hybrid day.

  • Know exactly where you need to be next with Upcoming Meeting Highlights in mobile
  • See which meeting guests plan to be in-person or remote

Tools built for today’s office

Instead of scrambling to navigate your day, Scoop gives you the tools you need to support how you experience the office in 2023.

  • Let meeting guests know you’re running behind in one tap
  • Have up-to-date details on co-workers, teammates, or your manager's plans across Slack, mobile, and Calendar.
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Madeline P
Feb 21
This app is perfect for the hybrid worker on the go! You are able to see which colleagues are in and out on what days which make it way easier to set a hybrid schedule.
Robert Gruen
Feb 21
It's super easy to use. I also like the recurring schedule option - saves me time every week!
Megan G
Feb 21
Knowing what colleagues are going into the office - its super helpful to know this so i can plan when to go into the office or what to expect when I get there, I love it.
Charlene Santos
Feb 21
If you want something user friendly and simple for wanting to know when your colleagues are in the office, who is working remote, which site they are at - Scoop is for you!
Carrie E
Feb 21
Great for post-pandemic work life! Scoop is intuitive to use and gives you great and timely insight into who you'll be interacting with at work that day!
Victoria M
Feb 21
Scoop easily allows me to find where my Colleagues are working on a day to day basis, especially my favorite ones!

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Set a default status for the days you work from the same place to easily keep your schedule up to date.

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