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Get more out of going in

Poll co-workers and invite them to join you for a coffee, 1:1, or a day together at the office.

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Find the office day that works for everyone

Instantly poll co-workers on the days they’re interested in going in, find the most popular, and confirm your plans right in Slack.

Keep your team in the know without lifting a finger

No more remembering to update your calendar. Set or edit your work status in Team Sync and have it automatically reflect as an all-day event.

Scoop Going into WorkScoop Working application

Get together in person without the back and forth

Invite a co-worker for lunch, a 1:1, or coffee in one click and let the Scoop scheduling assistant handle the rest—saving you valuable time in the process.

See your meeting guests’ plans

Click into any upcoming meeting to see the work statuses of your guests so you can make the adjustments you need ahead of time.

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Instantly sync your office plans straight to calendar

Confirm plans from a poll or invite to have Scoop automatically sync your work location and event to your and across the Scoop platform.

Always know where your team will be

Never second guess where your team's working from with automatic syncing between the extension and Google Calendar.

Scoop team sync in google calendar

Explore more features


Receive personalized summaries of who's going in and upcoming meetings.

Calendar Sync

Automatically sync work locations to your calendar and always know where co-workers plan to be.

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