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Set it so you don’t forget it with routines

Add your weekly workplace routine and only update your status when your plans change.

Easily add your weekly schedule

Whether you’re typically in 3x a week, permanently remote, or somewhere in-between, Scoop makes it easy to add your workplace schedule.

Save time with recurring updates

Scoop automatically applies your routine for you, saving you from only updating your status if or when your plans change.

Sync your schedule across your apps

Connect Scoop to Slack or Google Calendar and have your routine reflected across those platforms, making it easier than ever for your team to stay in the loop.

Deploy vaccination requirements & custom health policies

Workplace usage trends and reporting

Desk management and seamless employee desk booking

See where teammates are working (calendar integration coming soon!)

Straightforward per employee pricing! No extra charge for desks or buildings

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Receive personalized summaries of who's going in and upcoming meetings.

Calendar Sync

Automatically sync work locations to your calendar and always know where co-workers plan to be.

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