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Find the right days with the right people without getting lost in calendars, threads, or tabs.

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The Problem

Today, trying to find the right day with the right people is just too much work. And while your time is valuable, showing up to an empty office isn’t.

“I don’t want to be the only one there”

Receive automated summaries of your co-workers’ office plans and your upcoming meetings

the future

Office days spent with the people that make them truly great.

why scoop?

Why employees use Scoop to know where people are working

To go in confident your co-workers will be there
To have more productive office days
To recapture the magic of being together in-person
To plan their office days in seconds

Go in with confidence

No more guessing who will show up. Scoop gives you certainty about your co-workers’ plans, even if they change.

  • Avoid no-shows, empty offices, and commuting in just to sit on Zoom all day
  • See when co-workers plan to be in next with automated daily Snapshots
  • Always stay updated when co-workers’ plans change
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More productive office days

Office days aren’t meant for back-to-back Zoom calls. With Scoop, put your brainstorms, 1:1s, and valuable in-person time front and center.

Make plans in seconds

Instead of bouncing between Slack threads or calendars to plan your time together, Scoop brings all the details you need directly to you.

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Quality in-person time

Scoop handles all the work of coordinating schedules, freeing you to focus on the people that make office days truly great.

  • Invite a co-worker to join you at the office in just two clicks
  • Add your close collaborators as Favorites, and easily find opportunities to meet up at the office

Better office days, less work

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Explore more use cases

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Set a default status for the days you work from the same place to easily keep your schedule up to date.

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