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Get more out of the meetings you attend

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At Scoop, we understand the hustle of distributed team members—days packed with looming deadlines and an inbox bursting with emails clamoring for attention. Amidst this whirlwind, your calendar is stacked with back-to-back meetings.

But as schedules grow busier, meeting prep often takes a backseat. We've all experienced it: bouncing from one meeting to the next, hoping to catch up once we join. Yet, rushing into a meeting unprepared can mean missed opportunities and lackluster discussions.

That’s why we built Meeting Workflows: to equip you with everything you need in advance. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a busy multitasker, you can confidently step into the meeting room (or virtual space), ready to contribute and make the most of your time.

Prepare for upcoming meetings 24hrs in advance

Boost the value of every meeting by proactively reviewing vital prep materials in advance. With Meeting Workflows, key details are seamlessly consolidated into powerful notifications sent 24 hours prior to meetings. 

These notifications give you everything you need, from the meeting title and time to guest details, and access to crucial meeting prep like simple text-based agendas, pre-reads, or other helpful resources; plus, they offer convenient options to update your RSVP or work location, ensuring you're fully equipped and ready to engage.

Never get caught off guard by your next meeting 

Ever find yourself in a last-minute panic because you haven't prepped for your upcoming meeting? That's where the 15-minute reminder comes in, giving you instant access to get ready on the fly. It is packed with handy info and tools, like your meeting prep and documents, Running Late messages, quick call links, and the option to update your RSVP or work location. 

And if you're thinking, "Is this meeting really needed?" No worries—you can anonymously suggest skipping it altogether.

Get personalized summaries of your next workday

Scoop’s Snapshots can supercharge your meeting game. These customized summaries offer a complete overview of your co-workers’ office plans and upcoming meetings, empowering you to always be fully prepared.

With Snapshots, access to prep materials is conveniently at your fingertips the workday before your meetings take place. This early access gives you the valuable insight you need to contribute meaningfully right from the start. Plus, you can easily see who's heading into the office, saving you from digging through individual calendars.

While you’re there, why not review your own meetings to identify any that need more prep? 

Wrapping up (another) successful meeting

Once the meeting has ended, you can keep the momentum going by harnessing the power of your central meeting channel or group DM for ongoing productivity and collaboration.

From here, you can:

  • Review action items and next steps
  • Ask any lingering questions
  • Have last-minute discussions to minimize email exchanges and additional meetings
  • Stay informed about key takeaways if you couldn’t make it to the meeting
  • Or simply utilize this easily accessible space for reference as you get your best work done

With Meeting Workflows, all participants will leave each meeting with a clear understanding of their roles and the path forward. Scoop also seamlessly uses the same channel or group DM for recurring meetings so that vital information remains readily available precisely when and where needed.

Increase the value of every meeting you attend 

Join every meeting with confidence, knowing you have the necessary information at the right time to make the most of your time and contribute effectively. Try Meeting Workflows for free today.

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