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Smooth scheduling: navigating meeting changes with Scoop

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Whether we've forgotten to update an RSVP or find ourselves racing against the clock to make it to the next meeting, these unexpected twists and turns keep us on our toes, ready for whatever curveballs the workday throws our way.

Scoop’s Meeting Workflows steps up to the plate when the unexpected hits. With just a couple of clicks in Slack, you can effortlessly update your plans, let the team know you’re running five minutes behind, or touch base on whether this instance of the meeting even needs to happen. Ready to find out how? 👇

Let meeting guests know you’re running late

Looking to save yourself from the "Are you joining?" pings? With Scoop’s Running Late option, you can avoid those awkward apologies or frantic messages and enjoy a quick and easy way to let everyone know you're on your way!

All you have to do is hit the Notify you're running late button in your 15-minute reminder notification and choose from our ready-made messages to keep instantly keep everyone in the loop. And the cherry on top? You can also fire off Running Late messages straight from the Scoop mobile app to Slack, making it easy to stay connected even when you're on the go!

Easily update your RSVP or work location 

Got caught up in the whirlwind of a busy workday, only to realize you forgot to confirm your attendance at an important meeting? Or maybe you need to update your work location on short notice, but juggling multiple tools feels like a hassle.

Simply select the Update RSVP and/or Location option from the drop-down menu in your 24-hour or 15-minute notification. Once you do, we’ll ensure all meeting attendees stay in the loop with updated details in real-time. 

Proactively propose skipping unproductive meetings

Ever found yourself sitting in a meeting that feels like a scene from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? “Anyone? Anyone?” Where you’re unsure of the purpose and goal of the meeting or if you even need to be there at all. With Propose Skip, you can feel empowered to comfortably suggest skipping meetings that don’t need to happen and even do it anonymously.

By selecting Propose Skip from your 24-hour or 15-minute notification, you can initiate an anonymous vote among participants to decide whether to proceed with the meeting or skip it. It's a simple way to maintain productivity and uncover chances to clear up everyone's schedules.

If the consensus leans towards skipping, the meeting organizer can reschedule via their Google Calendar or cancel directly, freeing up the schedule for more productive tasks.

Take control of the unexpected in your workday

With Meeting Workflows, you can navigate your schedule with ease. From updating your plans in real-time to effortlessly notifying attendees of delays or proposing to skip unproductive meetings, Scoop empowers you to stay productive amid schedule changes. Never get caught off guard again with Scoop for Slack.

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