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Behind Schedule? Let Guests Know With Running Late

Originally published on May 11, 2023
Last updated on May 23, 2023
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"Is Chris joining?"

"Can someone ping Rebecca to see if she's still coming?"

"Are we even having this meeting?"

All sounds a little too familiar, eh? We've all been there. Waiting to start a meeting, waiting for meeting guests....waiting, waiting, waiting. Turns out, all that waiting has a real cost (besides your patience, that is). The average delay per meeting is 10 mins and 40 seconds — that's equivalent to 3 days and 2 hours lost annually. It's even worse for executives, who's delays clock in at around 15 mins and 42 seconds, or, 5 days and 19 hours annually. Yeah, not great.

No one wants to keep their guests waiting around. Trouble is, there's just no good way to signal that you're running behind. Sending an email through the calendar invite only gets lost in inboxes, if ever seen at all. Creating a Slack DM or channel is tough too, especially when you're running around the office just trying to find a room.

Instead of stress sprinting through the office or just leaving your guests wondering if they've been ghosted, you can now indicate that you're running late straight from the Scoop mobile app and save all the suspense for movie night.

Let Meeting Guests Know You're Running Late with One Tap

Available on iOS and Android, Scoop's Running Late feature makes it incredibly easy to send off a quick note to your meeting guests that you're running behind without distracting you from finishing up your current meeting or as you're trying to get to your next one. Here's how it works: 

From the Now view, you'll see an option to send a Running Late message on your Upcoming and/or In Progress meeting. Simply tap the drop-down to choose from options such as:

  • I'm going to be 2 min late
  • I'm going to be 5 min late
  • I'm going to be 10 min late
  • I'm going to be late, start without me
  • I'm running late, be there soon
An iphone showing a meeting in progress with a running late message option

After selecting your option, Scoop will create a Slack DM with your meeting guests and share your message there.

Bringing the Gap Between Slack, Calendar, and Hybrid Work

We all know that hybrid work comes with a lot of moving pieces. Office days, meetings, co-workers' schedules, etc. And every week you're tasked with figuring out how to stay productive and protect your flexibility without being forced to sacrifice either. But that's 100x harder when the tools you rely on haven't adapted to hybrid work with you. That's where Scoop comes in. By bringing together Slack and Calendar, you're not only in a better place to manage your time and flexibility but now with Running Late, you're also helping protect other's productivity. Talk about a hybrid hero.

You can try out Running Late on your next meeting by downloading the Scoop for iOS or Android app.

Kate Walsh
Kate is the Marketing Lead at Scoop.

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