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Get more out of going in with In-person Invites

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What makes an office day a great one?

It’s the people. It’s making the most of your time together. So having that IRL coffee chat or off-site lunch plan booked and ready to go is key. That way, you know you’re spending real time together side-by-side rather than screen-to-screen. These moments instantly turn a “meh” day into an awesome one.

Now with In-person Invites, we’re making it even easier to re-capture the magic of getting together in person without all the back and forth it usually takes to make it happen.

Sending your first In-Person Invite

Once you’ve added Scoop to your Slack workspace (tip: only one person needs to do this for everyone to have access), you can easily send your first invite. Just navigate to the Home tab of the Scoop Slack app and click any one of the invite types:

  • Coffee ☕
  • Lunch 🥪
  • 1:1 chat 💬
  • Day in the office 🏢

This will prompt you to select the co-worker you want to invite and the date you have in mind. Then, just press send!

Save time from back and forth planning

Once you’ve sent your invite, the Scoop scheduling assistant will step in to take all the coordination work off your plate.

Your invited co-worker will receive a DM from Scoop with all the invite details neatly packaged up and the option to confirm whether those plans work for them.

If the plans work for them, Scoop will start a group DM with you and your invited co-worker to find a time that works best. And if those plans don’t work for your co-worker (hey, it happens), Scoop will let you know that, too. 

Confirm plans and sync to Google Calendar

With a plan in place, the only thing left to do is add it to your calendars—something the Scoop scheduling assistant will handle too!

Select Send Calendar Invite to launch a new window with your Google Calendar event pre-populated with the event title, the day, and the invited co-worker. Select the ideal time for you and your co-worker and click Send to finalize.

More face-to-face, less back and forth 

While there will always be a time and place for (yet another) Zoom meeting, we’ve all had just enough virtual coffee chats and happy hours to last a lifetime.

What’s impossible to replicate over Zoom is the feeling you get from being in the same room together. Cracking jokes, brainstorming ideas, and bonding as a team. For what it’s worth, that’s a good thing. Add Scoop to Slack free, and let us help you find that perfect day to get together in person.

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