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Easily land on your next office day with Office Polls

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If you’ve ever tried to office plans with your distributed co-workers, it probably looked a little something like this: 

RIP your Slack notifications 💀.

Instead of trying to keep track of everyone’s preferences, Scoop’s Office Polls streamlines the entire process for you. From gathering interest in an easily digestible format to highlighting the most popular office day—you’ll even be able to confirm your office plans without leaving Slack. 

Creating an Office Interest Poll 

Once you’ve added Scoop to your Slack workspace (tip: only one person in your org needs to do this for everyone to have access), you can easily create your first office poll in any channel by either: 

  1. Using the /scoop-poll command
  2. Selecting Launch Poll from the Scoop Slack App Home Tab 

From here, simply choose whether you want to set a recurring poll for a specific day/time (e.g., Thursdays at 4PM), a one-time scheduled poll, or a one-time immediate poll. If you start from the Slack App Home Tab, you’ll also have the option to choose which channel to post the poll.

See the most popular office day

Channel members can vote for as many days as they're interested in going into the office. Once a good majority of the channel votes, click Close Poll to generate your Most Popular Day Insights. If more than one day works (a good problem to have!), Scoop will automatically include those days to make it easier for you to decide.

You can also select View All Responses to see who answered on a specific day. This can be helpful if you’re looking for more options for specific people rather than the majority.

Confirm your office plans in one click

You’ve polled co-workers and found the best days, and now it’s time to confirm your plans. Instead of leaving Slack to update your calendar, Scoop can handle it right from where you are.

Select the option to confirm the day(s) that work, set your work location to Office, and click Submit to confirm. Scoop will automatically apply your work location across the rest of the Scoop platform, including your calendar, Chrome, iOS or Android, and Edge. This way, everyone has instant visibility into your work plans.

If anything should change, you can instantly update your work location in Slack with the /scoop command. And, you guessed it, we’ll sync it instantly across the platform and your calendar in real-time.

Your next great office day is waiting

Nothing should stand in the way of seeing your co-workers in person when you want. And now, with Scoop’s Office Polls, nothing will. Ready to try it out for yourself? Download the Scoop Slack app for free to launch your first poll and find that perfect day to get together in person. 

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