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Snapshots: your hybrid schedule, summarized

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While flexibility is easily the best thing about hybrid work, it can be a double-edged sword.

While it's great to have more control over where you decide work gets done, whether that's an office, coffee shop, or your couch, it also means that you're facing way more decisions than when you were reporting to an office five days a week. Considerations that weren't top of mind suddenly are — Do I really need to go in? Who's going to be there if I do? Do I need to be on-site for a meeting physically? And every week, the clock resets, and you're back at square one.

What makes this even harder is the answers to these questions are often scattered across many different places (Slack, Calendar, email) or are just not available, which puts you in a position of having to chase down answers every single week. 

No one wants to sacrifice their flexibility just to be productive. But without clear answers on where you can do your best work, hybrid employees often have no choice but to sacrifice both.

Snapshots: A single view of your hybrid work schedule

Instead of being forced to choose between flexibility and productivity, Scoop's Snapshots gives you the answers to where you should be spending your time and why automatically. Delivered via Slack and email on both a daily and/or weekly basis, Scoop's Snapshots include key details of your hybrid work schedule for both you and your co-workers including:

  • Your planned work location (In Office, Remote, OOO) and specific building
  • Your co-workers' locations, including Favorites and team members
  • Your Manager's work location

You'll see an option to See all co-workers work locations that includes everyone in your company that's currently on Scoop. And if anything's changed and you want to update your own plans, you'll be able to easily do that straight from your Snapshot.

A detailed look at your hybrid work calendar

Knowing who's going to be at the office is just one factor in whether or not you decide to make the trip, too. The other is your hybrid work calendar and where guests plan on being for upcoming meetings.

In your daily Snapshot, you'll see a summary of your upcoming meetings including:

  • Total # of meetings with a call-out for # of personal events
  • The time and name of your first meeting with a link to the calendar event
  • A call-out for meeting guests that have indicated they're going to be in the office

Clicking on View Entire Schedule will give you a much more granular look at the details of each individual meeting including:

  • Meeting name
  • Time
  • # of confirmed guests
  • Indicator of meeting platform (ex: Zoom)

To see the specific work location of each meeting guest, simply select Meeting & Guest Details

Lastly, if any details change (hey, that's hybrid work after all), you can get the most up to date details by selecting Refresh Snapshot at the bottom of your daily view.

Streamlined delivery, right when you need it

While we've made it easier to focus on the most important details of your hybrid work schedule and co-workers' plans, there's even more behind the scenes work that's gone into how Snapshots are delivered to further improve your experience. For instance, rather than having old Snapshots with out of date info clogging up the Messages tab of the Scoop Slack app, old Snapshots are now automatically removed as soon as the latest Daily and Weekly are sent. And speaking of sending, your Snapshots are now sent closer to the end of your work day (4 PM local for daily, 3:30 PM local for weekly) so it's even easier for you plan your next office day when you're actually focused on doing it.

Make deciding where work happens the easiest thing you do

Hybrid work is supposed to be the best of both worlds: allowing us flexibility and control to decide where and when we come together to get great work done. Yet without the right tools and visibility there to support us, we lose out on both. We're too far down this hybrid journey to have the tools we rely on a day in and day out not adapt to this new way of working. With Snapshots, you're able to protect your flexibility and control where you spend your most productive time by having the answers to your co-workers' office plans and your upcoming meetings delivered right to you, automatically. No more wasted time digging for answers or showing up to empty offices.

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