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Guide: Scoop for Slack

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Slack is where work happens, facilitating productivity whether you're working remotely, embracing a hybrid model, or collaborating in person. Yet, even with this trusty tool at your disposal, staying in the loop can be tough.

In this guide, we'll walk you through how to harness the power of Scoop for Slack to balance your hybrid schedule, plan your next office day with your co-workers, and keep everyone in the loop about your plans, no matter where you're working!

See your co-workers' office plans

With Scoop for Slack, you can easily see your co-workers’ office plans on demand by using Slack commands. When entered in any channel or multi-person DM, we’ll provide you with real-time information on where your co-workers are working, so you’ll always have the necessary information right at your fingertips.

Now that you know where the right people will be, you’re ready to effortlessly share your own office plans by syncing your Slack status with your Calendar. And if plans change, updating your work location is just as easy. 🙌

💡Tip: When you're looking for individual co-workers' plans, start with their Slack status!

Keep in mind that you’ll need to connect your Calendar with Scoop to have your status automatically updated with your daily office plans.

Effortlessly land on your next office day

Coordinating an in-office day with the whole team is like a game of Slack message bingo. Can you fill your card with all the necessary confirmations before your notifications go wild? 

Rather than attempting to decipher everyone's preferences buried in an endless stream of Slack messages, Scoop's Office Interest Polls make it easy for co-workers to choose the days they're most interested in going into the office next. Once you've pinpointed the ideal day to catch up with your team, you can confirm your office plans right within Slack. After your plans are confirmed, we'll seamlessly sync them across the Scoop platform and your calendar instantly.

Get more out of your office days with In-Person Invites

If you're already going into the office, why not grab time with a co-worker you've missed seeing, or better yet, make a point to have that 1:1 in person instead? 

In-Person Invites take the work out of getting together, allowing you to efficiently plan your office meetups. Just a few clicks in the Scoop Slack app, and we'll handle the coordination for you. And once your plans are confirmed, you guessed it, they'll sync into your calendar and across Scoop.

A single view of your hybrid work schedule

Scoop also made it a whole lot easier to focus on the most important details of your hybrid work schedule with Snapshots.  

Snapshots are delivered to you via DM on a daily and/or weekly basis and include key details of your hybrid work schedule for both you and your co-workers.

Some key details include: 

  • Your planned work location (In Office, Remote, OOO) and specific building
  • Your co-workers' locations, including Favorites and team members
  • Your Manager's work location
  • A summary of your upcoming meetings

If you find yourself wondering if anyone’s plans have changed, you can use the refresh Snapshot option to get an up-to-date look at what’s going on. 

Always know where to work best

Scoop for Slack brings ease and confidence to your workday so you can effectively plan your hybrid schedule. It's all about simplifying your work routine, saving you from manual tasks, and helping you make well-informed decisions. 

So, enjoy your newfound freedom as a hybrid employee, and let Scoop handle the rest!

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