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Spend office days next to your work BFF with Favorites

Published on Sep 25, 2023
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Think about the things you love most about your job. If one of the first things that comes to mind is your work bestie, you're not alone. 60% of employees have friends in the workplace, and nearly 57% said that having a good friend at work makes their job more enjoyable.

Having close friends in the workplace doesn’t only increase job satisfaction – Gallup has repeatedly shown that having friends at your workplace is essential to job engagement and success, and employees who have a work best friend are significantly more likely to get more done in less time and innovate and share their ideas. 

Employers can also benefit from encouraging workplace friendships between employees as friendly workplaces that prioritize trust and inclusion have been shown to lower employee turnover

How Scoop helps you find time with your work friends

Let’s be honest: office days are just plain better when you spend them with your favorite people. That’s why Scoop offers the ability to easily add your co-workers as Favorites.

Two hybrid employees talking in the office

When you add Favorites, their daily work plans are automatically surfaced to you across the whole Scoop platform making it incredibly easy to plan your next office day together.

Any of your co-workers, teammates, or close collaborators can be easily added as a Favorite in Scoop. 

How to add Favorites in Scoop

Scoop offers the ability to add Favorites from multiple locations in the Scoop platform including: 

  • In your daily/weekly Snapshot
  • Straight from the Scoop Slack App Home tab 
  • From the setup checklist or the Co-workers tab on your mobile app on iOS or Android
  • From the setup checklist or the Teams tab on the Scoop browser extension for Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge
Hybrid software that shows your Favorite co-workers

When adding Favorites in Scoop, you can search for your co-workers by name, or choose from a pre-populated list.

How to see your Favorites’ office plans

Once you’ve added your work friends in Scoop, you’ll instantly see their office plans surfaced across the Scoop platform: 


A Snapshot that shows where your hybrid co-workers work locations, including Favorites


  • In the summary card at the top of the Now tab
  • From the Week Schedule section of the Upcoming tab
  • In the Co-workers tab
A mobile view of the meetings left, number of favorite co-workers in the office, and ability to send running late message

Calendar Extension

  • In the day view from the Home tab
  • Under the Teams tab

The power of collaboration and connection

We know that employees having close friends in the workplace and collaborating with one another lies at the heart of the most successful organizations. Workplace friends encourage idea-sharing, streamline communication, and create an environment where people feel comfortable voicing their opinions. And because a signification portion of your day is spent working, why not transform the day-to-day monotony into an enjoyable experience by engaging with friends while you’re at it? 

Scoop makes finding time with the people that matter most to you easier than ever. Download Scoop for free to try it out. 

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