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Guide: Scoop for Mobile

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No matter where you’re spending your workday, Scoop’s mobile app has you covered.

From sending a running late message to meeting guests, reviewing meetings on your calendar, to viewing up-to-date meeting details and co-workers’ plans, Scoop for Mobile has you covered.

In this guide, we'll show you how to use the Scoop mobile app, which offers all the tools you need to do your best work from anywhere.

Know who and what to expect when heading into the office

From the Now tab, you can check out your upcoming or ongoing calendar events, send running late messages, see highlighted details, and view co-workers' work locations—all in one place.

And if plans change, updating your work location from the Now tab is a breeze, too!

Plan your upcoming office days

On to the Upcoming tab–your weekly planner. Maybe you need to set your work location for any day in the next 2 weeks, quickly review meetings on your calendar, or double-check upcoming work plans for you and your co-workers. Whatever your needs may be, you won’t have to toggle between apps or calendars to get the job done.

Some key details include: 

  • The ability to easily update your work location
  • How many and which co-workers will be in the office
  • The number of meetings and calendar events you have scheduled and at what times
  • Ability to deep dive into details by tapping View Day

Have a set routine for in-office days? Use Scoop’s weekly work routines to update your daily work location automatically.

Dive into your meeting details

Easily access prep materials and navigate to your meeting channel with just a tap; select View Day at the bottom of any day card on the Upcoming tab, then choose any event on your calendar.

See how your co-workers' plans are lining up

With the Teams tab, you can stay informed about your Favorites and Teammates' plans with valuable insights on where everybody’s working daily.

Adding Favorites is quick and easy. You can search by name or select from the list of co-workers already on Scoop. Once added, you’ll see their office plans surface automatically across the Scoop platform.

Stay in the loop, even on the go

Have everything you need for a confident and effective workday right in the palm of your hands with Scoop for iOS and Android

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