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3 ways to share your work location in Slack

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Scoop is where (hybrid) work happens. That’s why we’ve made it incredibly easy to share your work plans in Slack with the Scoop Slack app. In this article, we’ll show you 3 simple ways to set and share your work location with co-workers. 

From the Scoop Slack app Home Tab 

Head to the Home tab in the Scoop Slack app and pick the next day that you’re going into the office. When you do, we’ll automatically update your Slack status and share your office plans with colleagues throughout the entire Scoop platform.

💡Tip: Need help deciding on the right day? Click View co-workers from this same screen to display your co-workers' plans.

From your daily and weekly Snapshots 

Setting or updating your work location directly from your daily or weekly Snapshot makes office planning a whole lot easier. Access Snapshots from the Messages tab in the Scoop Slack app, and with the Update work location button, effortlessly share your work plans with colleagues across the entire Scoop platform.

Snapshots also offer you a glimpse of all the factors that significantly simplify the decision of where you should be, and ensure that you’re always up-to-date and well-informed.

This includes:

  • Personalized summaries of your upcoming meetings and where attendees plan to be
  • Your planned work location (In Office, Remote, OOO) and specific building
  • Your co-workers' locations, including Favorites and team members
  • And your Manager's work location

With simple Slack commands 

Scoop’s hassle-free Slack commands take the complexity out of office planning with. Just type a command into any channel or multi-person DM, and we'll provide you with the comprehensive details you need to make the right choice on where to work. 

  • /scoop-today: Provides information on who's heading into the office, working remotely, or OOO, including those who haven't specified their work location yet.
  •  /scoop-future: Let’s you plan ahead by reviewing everyone's work plans for the current and upcoming week. Note that Scoop will list work locations only for co-workers in that specific channel.
  • /scoop-poll: Helps you easily poll channel members to find the perfect in-office day that works for everyone.

Ready to set your work location? Seamlessly take charge using the same commands—we make it easy for you!

Seamlessly plan your work schedule with Scoop for Slack

Small changes can significantly impact your daily hybrid routine. One such change that holds the potential to revolutionize your hybrid workday is just a Slack status away. When you set your next office day in Scoop, you're not just automatically updating your status; you're aiding co-workers in planning their office days and fostering collaboration.

Take your hybrid work game to the next level with the Scoop for Slack app, and make the most out of your office days.

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