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How to plan your hybrid work week right from your phone

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In this new frontier of hybrid work, where the boundaries between home and office blur, the smartphone emerges as the unsung hero of productivity. But let's not kid ourselves; managing a horde of apps and platforms to keep our hybrid work lives in check can end up feeling like a full-time job in itself. 

That’s why Scoop simplifies all the factors of planning your hybrid work week into a single streamlined experience right in the palm of your hand.

Your hybrid workweek companion

Trying to plan your upcoming week in a hybrid environment often demands a delicate balance between on-site commitments and remote tasks. That only gets more complicated when you layer in your co-workers’ or project partners planned work locations.

Scoop's Upcoming tab serves as your weekly planner, whether you're organizing your work schedule in advance or trying to figure out the next time you’ll be at the office with a favorite co-worker

From the Upcoming tab, you can:

Tap into View Day to get a detailed look at your co-workers' work locations and calendar events, including the meeting title and time. 

A view of the upcoming week's meetings, and the team members that will be in the office

💡Tip: Tap into a meeting to see attendees, their planned work locations, and a link to easily join your meeting.

Easily plan upcoming office days with co-workers

Planning shared office days with co-workers can be frustrating and time-consuming. We've all experienced the difficulty of aligning schedules and tasks, sending way too many DMs, or constantly checking Slack statuses and calendars. But it doesn't have to be an uphill battle. 

When on the Upcoming tab, you can filter your view by:

  • All: All co-workers at your company with a Scoop account 
  • Favorites: Your Favorite coworkers
  • Team: Co-workers who belong to the same team as you or who report to the same manager

Mastering your hybrid workweek planning

Don't let hybrid work's constant app-juggling and schedule complexities overwhelm you. Instead, take charge of your workweek by focusing on what truly counts – the valuable face-to-face interactions that enhance your office days. 

With Scoop for iOS and Android, you can streamline your schedule, collaborate efficiently with your team, and free up your time to excel at what you do best. Embrace the freedom to choose where and how to best spend your time at work.

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