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Guide: Scoop for Calendar Extension

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As hybrid employees, navigating the workday often brings its fair share of frustration. The constant tab-jumping, whether to keep an eye on your colleagues' schedules or fine-tune your own, can truly eat away at your time and disrupt your workflow. Let Scoop make your workday planning smoother and more enjoyable. 

In this guide, we’ll show you how to effortlessly streamline your daily and weekly planning without ever leaving your browser with the Scoop calendar extension

Get ready for your next office day

Let's kick it off with the Home tab—it's your go-to for what's happening today and in the days to come. Easily update your current day's work location when plans change or set your work location for any day in the next two weeks. You can check out co-workers’ plans from one convenient place.

For a quick overview of work plans, explore the Weekly View or opt for a detailed breakdown for each day by selecting View Day.

💡Tip: Use the filter tabs on the day view to see work locations for specific co-workers, such as your Favorites, Team, or All.

Have a set routine for in-office days? Use Scoop’s weekly work routines to automatically update your daily work location.

Stay up to date on your co-workers’ office plans

Struggling to sync up with your work bestie? Use the Teams tab to effortlessly stay in the loop with your Favorites and Teammates’ work plans.

Adding Favorites is a breeze – just search for them by name or select from the list of co-workers already on Scoop. Planning your office days becomes a piece of cake with the insights you need about where your Favorites, manager, and teammates plan to be each day. 

Effortlessly plan your office days

Ditch the tab-jumping routine just to check on co-workers' plans or update your own. Focus your time where it truly matters, armed with the confidence to make the right decisions about where to do your best work, no matter where you are, with Scoop.

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