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Mastering "Out of Office" with Google Calendar and Scoop

Originally published on Apr 02, 2023
Last updated on May 23, 2023
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Do you sometimes find yourself wondering where your teammates are hiding these days? Are they at home, sipping coffee in their PJs, or trekking through the NYC jungle for a work trip? With more people working remotely, hybrid work can make it feel like you need psychic powers to know where everyone is everyday.

Well, fear not, friends! We're here to show you how to create an "out of office" event in Google Calendar. Plus, we'll show you how Scoop can automatically sync your Calendar OOO events to Scoop and Slack.

How to Create an Out of Office Event in Google Calendar

  1. Open Google Calendar and sign in. Obvious, but important.
  2. Click on the date your out-of-office shenanigans begin.
  3. In the pop-up window, click "Out of office."
  4. Enter a mysterious title like "Out of Office" or "Secret Mission."
  5. Pick the start and end dates for your undercover operation.
  6. Optionally, customize the decline message for any event invitations – just to keep 'em guessing.
  7. Click "Save" and watch your calendar come to life!

When setting up your out-of-office event, remember that Google Calendar automatically declines any incoming invites during your OOO period. Plus, you can set up an auto-reply message to let people know when you'll be back in action.

The Mystery of Hybrid Team Visibility

So, you've got your out-of-office event set up, but the hybrid work maze isn't conquered yet. It's still a game of hide-and-seek when it comes to finding out where your colleagues are. Enter Scoop, your trusty sidekick for tackling the chaos of hybrid work!

Why is visibility so important for hybrid teams? Because knowing when and where your teammates are working helps you collaborate effectively, schedule meetings, and make sure your time in the office is always well spent (aka no commuting in to sit by yourself).

A woman setting up her out of office events in Google Calendar.

A Little Bit of Automation Goes a Long Way

Let's break down how Scoop automatically syncs your OOO events from Google Calendar and turns them into a beacon of clarity for your team:

  • Scoop spots your OOO event in your calendar like a detective (no magnifying glass needed)
  • It sets your work location in Scoop as "Out of Office" (no more guesswork!)
  • Your Slack status gets an automatic update to OOO on the big day (fancy, huh?)
  • Scoop shares your work location with your closest teammates (keeping your squad in the loop!)

Better visibility - and more enjoyable time off

With the power of Google Calendar's out-of-office events and Scoop's magical syncing abilities, you can turn a big part of the hybrid work mystery into a piece of cake. Or pie, if you prefer.

Give Scoop a whirl and watch it revolutionize how your hybrid team plans office days and stays connected, regardless of whether they're in the office or working from a treehouse. Scoop's got your back, making sure your office days are productive and enjoyable. So, go ahead and embrace the hybrid work adventure (and your time off) with confidence!

Jon Sadow
Jonathan Sadow is the Co-Founder and Chief Product & Technology Officer overseeing all product, engineering, and UX at Scoop. When he isn’t immersed in creating the best products for hybrid employees, he can be found spending time with his family and Scoop’s unofficial mascot, Kugel the goldendoodle.

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