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Make every meeting a productive one

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Meetings are integral to most employees' daily work lives. They provide a vital communication space and offer face time—in person or virtually—to collaborate on new ideas, solve problems, and make critical decisions. 

With meeting time steadily increasing over the past twenty years, the need for effective meeting management has never been clearer. As a meeting owner, that falls on your shoulders. But with so many things vying for our attention, it can be easy to let meeting prep slip, resulting in unproductive sessions that merely go through the motions rather than foster collaboration and strategy. 

But that’s where Meeting Workflows steps in to ensure that everyone (yourself included!) heads into your next meeting confident and well-prepared. 

Make sure you’re starting with the right meetings

Scoop’s Meeting Workflows uses AI to sift through your calendar, filtering out non-work events like lunches or breaks and highlighting the work meetings that matter most. 

Then, for the meetings you choose, Scoop creates powerful notifications and prep workflows to ensure everyone stays in the loop.

Prepare for your meetings ahead of time

Scoop helps you run smooth meetings by sending out timely notifications to all attendees 24 hours beforehand, providing you with a centralized key tool to ensure participants have all the necessary information. These notifications include:

  • The meeting title and time
  • Meeting & guest details
  • Agendas, notes, and related documents
  • The option to anonymously propose skipping the meeting
  • Flexibility to update your RSVP or work location

Include essential meeting prep in your Meeting Workflows notifications to start a productive and seamless meeting. This may include documents like agendas, notes, pre-reads, or other related links. 

Agendas, in particular, are useful for organizing discussion topics and helping attendees prepare in advance, even if other prep materials aren't available. 

And don't forget, meeting owners can easily update or add to prep materials straight from their Snapshot too! 

Never let meetings slip your mind

Never have that heart-stopping realization of being late and unprepared for a meeting again. With 15-minute reminder notifications, you’ll be equipped to swiftly review prep materials and meeting and guest details or update your RSVP or work location all from one place. 

You can also easily notify all meeting guests if you’re running late, use the convenient link to join the call or kick-start the discussion with engaging icebreaker questions.

And if you feel the meeting might be unnecessary, you can propose skipping, allowing for an anonymous poll of all meeting attendees. If the consensus is to skip, the meeting owner can cancel the meeting directly from Slack.

Post meeting wrap up

Now that you've ended a productive meeting, it's time to leverage your central meeting channel for further collaboration. Use this space to outline the next steps, recap action items, and address last-minute questions.

This helps all attendees leave the meeting knowing their responsibilities and how to move forward. And meeting guests who couldn't attend can stay informed and involved, keeping everyone in the loop.

Scoop will even use the same channel for recurring meetings, ensuring all the necessary information is conveniently accessible when and where you need it.

Maximize your meeting efficiency

As meetings continue to multiply, the right planning and management are must-haves. After all, no one wants to join another meeting “just because.” That’s where Scoop’s streamlined meeting prep comes in handy. Reinforce the good habits that keep meetings on track and productive for everyone—get started for free today.

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