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Inc. names Scoop one of the Best Workplaces of 2019

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We are thrilled to announce that Scoop has been named on Inc.’s annual Best Workplaces list for 2019! We’re honored to be included among a group of companies that are redefining what it means to be a dynamic and inspiring workplace.

For us, earning a spot on this year’s list out of a record number of applicants isn’t just an honor—it’s a promise to keep building a supportive and inclusive culture for everyone at Scoop.

Our people are our greatest asset

We don’t view this as an award for our company—it’s one for our team, and that truth is reflected in our entire orientation as a company. Our people are by far our greatest asset, and the single largest driver of our collective success.

From our company values—of taking a bet on ourselves and the team; being open, honest, and direct; and recognizing that sustainability is key, among others—to our hiring and professional development strategies, every single step we take is oriented towards the people who bring Scoop to life for our carpoolers and customers. This has ultimately built a culture that is a summation of our values and the mission we deeply believe in.

Our team’s success is our company’s success

We know that our people are the driving force behind bringing our mission to life: to bring co-workers and neighbors together in carpools they love, by partnering with their employers. And, as a company and product that solves for the third largest driver of voluntary attrition—the commute—we know just how impactful meaningful investments in employees’ health, happiness, and productivity can be.

Since day one, we’ve promised to do all that we can to create a culture where people feel empowered to do their best work while being their most authentic selves. That comes to life in many ways, through unlimited PTO, comprehensive health and wellness benefits, to be used as the individual sees fit, or a Mother’s Room for all of our hard-working moms, and much more.

While being recognized by Inc. as one of the Best Workplaces in the United States is certainly a milestone for us, we know that this is really just the beginning. We look forward to bringing a better commute to businesses and employees everywhere, and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Interested in joining the Scoop team? Check out our open roles and find your passion.

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