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4 Tips for Building Strong Relationships in Hybrid Teams

Originally published on Feb 10, 2022
Last updated on May 04, 2023
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Are you working in a hybrid environment?

That's where some team members work from the office, while others work from home. Building good work relationships in such a setting can be a bit tricky. That's why we've pulled together some of the top tips for how to help build relationships in hybrid teams.

Strong work relationships can help your team trust and work better together. When people know and understand each other, they can collaborate more easily. According to a study conducted by Gallup, titled "State of the American Workplace," having strong friendships at work can lead to higher job satisfaction and better performance.

The research shows that employees who have a best friend at work are seven times more likely to be engaged in their jobs, compared to those who don't have close friendships in the workplace. This study highlights the positive impact that work friendships can have on both individuals and organizations as a whole. And it also speaks to the growing set of questions many hybrid employees have about how to build relationships in the workplace.

In this blog post, we will share four simple tips to help you build relationships in the workplace, especially if you are working on a hybrid tema. Regardless of whether you're working from the office or at home, these tips will help you connect with your coworkers and work better as a team.

1. Make the Most of Your In-Office Time

When your team members do come into the office, it's important to make the most of that time. Being in the office together is a great chance to build stronger work relationships. You can plan activities that help your team connect and work together better.

One idea is to have one-on-one meetings in the office. When people are together in person, they can communicate more easily and clearly. This helps build trust and understanding between team members. Make a team policy to save one-on-one meetings for days when people are in the office together.

Another way to make the most of in-office time is to plan team meetings on days when everyone is there. This helps create a sense of unity and helps everyone feel included. You can also plan fun team-building activities, like group lunches or team games. These activities can help your team bond and get to know each other better, which can improve teamwork and collaboration in the long run.

2. Encourage Virtual Watercooler Chat

Building relationships in the workplace is essential for fostering a sense of unity and trust among team members. One way to establish rapport is by engaging in casual conversations, similar to those that occur around the office watercooler. In a hybrid work environment, these informal chats can still take place through virtual means.

To encourage team bonding, consider setting up online chat groups on platforms like Slack or Microsoft Teams. By creating dedicated channels for different topics, such as movies, books, or pets, employees have the opportunity to share their interests and connect with colleagues who share similar passions. As a manager, participating in these conversations demonstrates your support and helps maintain the flow of discussion.

Another approach to reinforcing work relationships in a hybrid environment is scheduling regular virtual meetings, such as coffee breaks or lunches. These events allow team members to take a break from their tasks and engage in casual conversations with their coworkers, much like they would in a physical office setting. Organizing these virtual gatherings can help your team bond and feel more connected, even when they're working remotely or in different locations.

2. Make Virtual Meetups a Regular Habit

In a hybrid work environment, it's important to find ways to connect with your coworkers even when you're not in the office together. One way to do this is to make virtual meetups a regular habit. Virtual meetups can take the form of casual chats over coffee, lunch breaks together, or even online game nights. These events can help team members get to know each other better and build stronger work relationships.

To make virtual meetups successful, it's important to schedule them regularly. You can set up a specific day or time each week when your team meets online to chat or do an activity together.

By having a set schedule, everyone knows when to expect the meetup, making it more likely that people will participate. Encourage your team members to take turns hosting the meetups and choosing the activities. This can help keep the meetups fresh and interesting for everyone.

4. Utilize Breakout Rooms

Breakout rooms are a helpful feature found in many virtual meeting platforms. They let you split your virtual meetings into smaller groups. This can make it easier for people to talk and work together. Using breakout rooms is a great way to help your team build better work relationships, even when they're not in the same place.

To start, you can create breakout rooms during team meetings. This gives team members a chance to work together in smaller, more focused groups. When people have the chance to talk and share ideas in a smaller setting, they can build stronger connections with each other. This can lead to better teamwork and trust between team members.

Another way to use breakout rooms is to plan fun activities or games that your team can do together. You can split your team into smaller groups and have them compete against each other in a friendly competition. This helps your team members get to know each other better and can make your virtual meetings more enjoyable. Breakout rooms are a simple but effective way to help your team members connect and build work relationships in a hybrid environment.

Building Relationships in Teams Operating in a Hybrid Environment Takes Time

Developing strong work relationships in teams operating in a hybrid environment might take more time and effort than in traditional office settings. It's important to remember that building trust and fostering collaboration doesn't happen overnight. However, with patience, persistence, and the right strategies, it is possible to create meaningful connections with your coworkers even when working remotely part of the time.

As you navigate the hybrid work landscape, remember to prioritize both virtual and in-person interactions. By making use of tools like Scoop and following the tips shared in this post, you can create more opportunities for connection and collaboration. As a result, your team will become more cohesive and better equipped to tackle challenges and achieve success together.

In conclusion, cultivating work relationships in a hybrid environment is an essential part of creating a strong, resilient team. It may take time, but the effort you put into fostering these connections will pay off in the long run, leading to happier, more productive, and more engaged team members. Embrace the challenge and watch your team thrive in the ever-evolving world of hybrid work.

How Scoop Can Help Build Work Relationships

Scoop is a tool that makes it easier for teams operating in a hybrid environment to build work relationships. With features like Office Polls & Invites and Snapshots, Scoop helps you stay connected with your coworkers and plan your office days more effectively. By making it simple to see when your coworkers are in the office or working remotely, Scoop allows you to plan meetings, lunches, and other events that can help build trust and improve collaboration.

Office Polls & Invites is a feature that lets you instantly poll a group of coworkers to find the best day for everyone to be in the office. You can also use this feature to invite your coworkers to join you for coffee, lunch, or just an in-person chat. By making it easy to plan time together, Scoop helps you create more opportunities for face-to-face interactions, which are essential for building work relationships.

Snapshots is another helpful feature that provides a personalized summary of who's going into the office and what's on your calendar. With this information, you can make plans, adjust meetings, and invite your coworkers to join you in the office. By using Scoop to stay informed about your coworkers' schedules and make the most of your time together, you can foster better work relationships in your hybrid team.

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4 Tips for Building Strong Relationships in Hybrid Teams


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