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Right-sizing your office space investment for a hybrid organization

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KPMG recently surveyed 315 CEOs to better understand expected changes to the business landscape over the next few years. Key findings included an anticipated increase in investment in digital tools, and slowed growth overall as businesses emerge from the pandemic. Additionally, a significant portion of those surveyed (68%) reported planning to downsize offices in the coming months.

As businesses embrace the shift to hybrid workplaces, we can expect to see significant changes in how companies think about their investment in office real estate and how to right-size that investment to meet the needs of the workforce.

Here are some questions to ask yourself as you evaluate and right-size your office space investment.

Do I have enough space for my team to feel comfortable?

While reduced capacity and office usage in a hybrid workplace can help companies downsize their office investment, the amount of space per employee supported at capacity may need to increase compared to previous office space use to meet social distancing needs.

In order to provide adequate social distancing, you may want to invest in private offices in place of cubicles and open floor plans. 

Do I have a space that fosters collaboration?

When determining how to reorient your office space, put an emphasis on creating a space that employees will want to use.

According to the PwC US Remote Work Survey, two of the top purposes of office space according to employees was collaborating with others, and meeting with clients and colleagues. With many employees now feeling more comfortable working from home on individual tasks, a key reason to return back to the office is to collaborate and network with others.

Do I understand how my office space is being used over time?

To better understand how employees are utilizing your office space, consider investing in a system to track and understand who is coming into the office and on what days. Collecting this data can help you better coordinate which employees and teams utilize office space on a weekly basis so that you’re getting the intended usage of your office space. 

Manage your hybrid workplace with confidence

Scoop helps you set up and operate a hybrid remote and in-office workplace with confidence while maximizing safety, productivity, and performance.allows you to track your office utilization and weekly trends to better understand how employees are utilizing your workspace. 

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