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3 Ways to Strengthen Worker Engagement in the Hybrid Workplace

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Times of transition have always been difficult to navigate, and with record numbers of employees quitting their jobs every month in what’s being called the Great Resignation, managing change might feel particularly challenging at the moment. But while the new hybrid workplace does have the potential to increase feelings of disconnection and burnout, team leaders are in a great position to improve worker engagement by implementing some best practices. Keep reading for some tips on how to increase engagement in the hybrid workplace.

How to Increase Engagement

If you’re looking to strengthen engagement, here are three best practices to keep in mind. 

1. Hold Regular Team Building Events

If possible, schedule regular in-person events attended by all members of your team. This can include monthly team meetings, regular brainstorming sessions, and quarterly or annual planning meetings. Make sure to add team building activities and games to the agenda. If getting the whole team together in person isn’t an option, you can still incorporate Zoom games in your virtual meetings to help boost morale and build camaraderie.

2. Retool Your 1:1 Meetings for the Hybrid Workplace

In the hybrid work environment, one-on-one meetings are a great opportunity to strengthen rapport and boost worker engagement. Try to schedule 1:1s for in-office days so you can meet in person, thereby building a stronger connection. Don’t make the meeting all about work. Make sure to ask how your team members are doing personally and take some time to discuss their personal development goals and progress

3. Communicate Updates Regularly

Prioritize whole-team meetings on a regular cadence. During these meetings, keep your team up to date on the latest business happenings and leadership’s key messages. Reiterate your team’s goals and show how they ladder up to the overall business goals so your team members can see how the work they do directly impacts the business. To promote transparency, don’t hold back on sharing challenges. Take time to collect feedback from your team and pass this up to leadership. This will ensure your team members feel their voices are being heard.

A Greater Emphasis on Worker Engagement

With your associates working remotely part of the week — or even a hundred percent of the time — it will take more work to maintain engagement in the hybrid workplace. However, the rewards you’ll reap from emphasizing engagement levels — boosted morale, happier employees, and higher retention — are well worth the effort.

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3 Ways to Strengthen Worker Engagement in the Hybrid Workplace


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