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3 In Office Team Building Ideas

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While the hybrid work model has its benefits, the transition can be tough on teams who are used to spending more time together in person. For this reason, it’s important for managers to be more proactive and creative than ever about boosting workplace morale. One of the best ways to raise team morale is with regular team building activities, especially if you can bring the team together to do them in person. After all, social connection in the office plays a big role in bringing company culture to life.

Here are some practical in-office team building ideas to help bring your team closer together the next time you’re all in the office.

1. Rotate Desk Assignments

With revolving in-office schedules and social distancing guidelines, many offices are playing with flexible seating arrangements in the post-pandemic workplace. Take advantage of this opportunity to help your team mix and mingle by creating a rotating seating chart that changes every month. This will enhance collaboration as well as help your team members build relationships with each other — a surefire way to bring everyone closer together.

2. Add Games to Your In-Office Meetings

Make it a policy to hold monthly team meetings in the office and add a game or collaboration exercise to help break the ice and build team morale. Don’t have a ton of time for planning activities? Consider assigning the role of game master to a different team member every month.

Ideas for in-office meeting activities include:  

  • Trivia games or Office Jeopardy
  • Circle of Appreciation
  • Two Truths and a Lie

3. Make Brainstorming Sessions a Regular Habit

Need some fresh ideas? Setting your goals for the next quarter? Break out the sticky notes and call a team meeting to collect your team’s input. Not only will your team feel more engaged and valued, but you may also end up with some brilliant perspectives that you otherwise would have missed.

Make the Most of Your In-Office Time

As managers help their teams adjust to hybrid work, boosting team morale will make the transition easier. By implementing some of the in-office team-building ideas above, you can make the most of your on-site time and make sure your team stays engaged and connected.

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3 In Office Team Building Ideas


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