A full picture of workplace usage

Set guidelines and get the data on how employees are using the workplace.

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A full picture of workplace usage
A full picture of workplace usage

See who is working where and react to workplace trends

Planned and actual attendance

See who is planning to come into the workplace and review daily check-ins.

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Screenshot of Scoop's customer dashboard depicting the attendance log of employees' work locations.
Screenshot of Scoop's mobile apps indicating attendance expectations to employees.

Attendance expectations

Empower managers to set expectations on minimum, maximum, or specific days to be in the workplace.

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Capacity management

Set and modify building, floor, and desk capacity limits.

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Screenshot of Scoop's buildings interface with the ability for a user to control building capacity.
Screenshot of Scoop's analytics interfaces for filtering attendance logs and reviewing charts and graphs of workplace trends.

Utilization trends

Analyze historical, current, and intended workplace usage by department, building, and more.

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