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HR workplace environment

Reopen your workplace with confidence

Get the tools and insights you need to safely and confidently reopen your workplace.

Virtual health screenings

Build employee confidence in a safe return to the workplace with customizable daily virtual health screenings.

Ensure compliance and reduce liability

Notify employees of specific policies before they arrive at the workplace.

Manage workplace capacity

Manage your capacity by capping the number of check-ins allotted per day. Set capacity for each of your worksites.

Empower your employees to do their best work from anywhere

Invest in effective team coordination

Automatically create team views for each manager or department. Empower your people managers to set guidelines that work best for their teams.

Empower managers with insights on how location impacts performance

Give your people managers the data they need to understand how time spent in office vs. at home impacts individual performance so they can work with employees to strike the right balance of in-office and remote work.

Track and reduce workplace operational expenses

Right-size your in-office operational expenses

Make a more effective use of your operational budget for in-office expenses such as catered lunches or onsite support staff by knowing who is coming into the office on which days.

Monitor and forecast onsite trends

Understand workplace usage over time to make informed decisions when it comes to your real estate and workplace investments.

Rethink the commute

Carpools within a trusted network of co-workers

Scoop connects co-workers going the same way in safe, reliable, and convenient door-to-door carpools.

Backup commutes with Lyft

Even if plans change, backup commute options ensure every employee has a dependable way to and from your workplace every day.

Insight and control over your commute program

The Scoop dashboard gives you the tools to manage, measure, and grow your commute program.

Download HR's guide to the hybrid workplace

Understand what you need to consider in order to deploy a hybrid workplace that best suits the unique needs of your organization.

HR's guide to the hybrid workplace

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