Manage your dynamic workplace with ease

A must-have for workplace leaders operating a hybrid work environment. Enforce onsite safety policies, monitor workplace attendance, and optimize operational spending.

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workplace leaders operating a hybrid work environment

Keep your worksites healthy and productive

Customizable health screenings

Keep your workplace safe with customizable virtual health screenings to accommodate your workplace policies. Ensure employees review and agree to your workplace guidelines before they arrive. Keep a secure digital record of who came into the workplace each day, enabling you to contact trace if ever necessary.

Capacity setting and attendance management

Set guidelines for team attendance along with restrictions on which team members can come into the workplace. Automatically confirm and verify employee attendance in your Scoop dashboard. 

Track and manage office utilization

Understand workplace utilization over time with your secure, real-time Scoop dashboard.

Right-size your current operational spending

Be prepared for every week

Daily check-ins help you anticipate daily and weekly attendance and allow you to prepare with adequate staffing and supplies.

Monitor facility usage over time

Leverage attendance trends by worksite to reduce operational expenses and maximize employee experience.

Make data-driven decisions for future spending

Track office utilization over time

Get historical data on employee attendance to understand how much of your office space is routinely used by your organization.

Invest in a space that matches employee usage

Track office usage by department or team. Build a workplace that matches the needs of your employees most frequently in the office, whether that’s investing in quiet space for heads-down time or collaborative spaces for brainstorming and project planning.

A scalable and sustainable commute option

Invest in a safe, flexible way to get your employees to and from work

Carpooling provides a safe, low density mode of transportation for your employees. With Scoop, employees are automatically matched in carpools with a verified network of co-workers and neighbors going the same way. Separate scheduling for morning and evening trips ensures your employees can find a commute that works for their daily schedule. 

Reduce pressure on your parking facilities

Carpooling offers a safe, shared mode of transit that helps reduce demand for parking or overflow lots on your campus.

Get insight on parking lot utilization to inform your future space decisions

Track how many cars removed you’ve removed from your parking lots, how many pounds of CO2 your program has saved, and the overall ROI of your program.

Navigating your hybrid workforce journey

Get a breakdown of each phase of the hybrid journey, goals you should keep top of mind, and key actions you should take to make your company’s hybrid work environment a success.

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  • Deploy vaccination requirements & custom health policies
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  • Desk management and seamless employee desk booking
  • See where teammates are working (calendar integration coming soon!)
  • Straightforward per employee pricing! No extra charge for desks or buildings