Thoughts on the future of work, from the people building it.

How Do You Measure the Productivity of Hybrid Employees?

When hybrid managers and employees don't see eye to eye on productivity, everyone loses. Read on to learn what managers *should* be doing today to get an accurate pulse on productivity.

4 Ways to Make Your Hybrid Meetings More Successful

Make your hybrid meetings more effective with these 4 hybrid meeting best practices: 1. Follow basic meeting etiquette ᐧ 2. Talk into the camera ...

How to Set Hybrid Team Expectations in 3 Steps

Setting hybrid team expectations is one of the most vital steps in transitioning to a hybrid workplace. Follow these three steps when setting hybrid norms.

How to Prepare for the Future of Work

How to prepare your organization for the future of work

Managing vaccination requirements

Our Chief Product & Technology Officer shares the latest on vaccination requirements in the workplace

Only 13% of employees want to work from the office full-time

Key takeaways from Scoop's hybrid work survey.

Mental health in the workplace

Here’s what you can do as an employer, a manager, and as an employee to be an advocate for positive mental health in your workplace.

How to prepare for a hybrid workplace

Expert tips for organizations looking to successfully prepare for and build a policy to implement a hybrid workplace experience for their company.

The top benefit you can offer employees in 2021

Flexible and remote work options have long been a favorite benefit for employees. Now it’s easier than ever to deploy a hybrid in-office and remote work environment that keeps your business moving forward while still offering your employees the flexibility to do their best work from anywhere.

Preparing for a hybrid workplace: The complete guide

Understand the top items you need to consider in order to deploy a hybrid workplace that best suits your organization.

How to right-size your office space investment

If you’re planning on investing in a hybrid workplace, you’ll want to reevaluate whether your office space matches or exceeds employee demand.

5 signs the American workplace is changing forever

An examination of five emerging workplace trends, and why the move towards a hybrid workplace isn't a matter of if, but when.

The hidden costs of not adopting a hybrid workplace

The hidden costs that come along with not adopting a hybrid workplace.

HR’s guide to contact tracing in the office

What you need to know in order to properly contact trace in an office environment.

CDC guidelines for the office

Here are the top recommendations from the CDC you should follow in order to safely manage your office.

Temperature checks alone won’t keep your office safe

Temperature checks only tell you part of the story. Here’s what else you need to consider when screening your workforce in order to have a safe workplace.

10 essential tasks to have on your office reopening checklist

Here are the top 10 things you need to consider in order to safely reopen your office during COVID-19.

3 out of 5 nurses are quitting due to COVID-19. What’s one step hospitals can take to stop it?

Amid the worst staffing shortage in decades, 60% of nurses and 20% of physicians say they’re planning to leave their professions as a direct result of the well-being impacts caused by COVID-19.

Five ways Scoop drives impact for Facilities teams

As a facilities leader, commuters in your organization will look to you for guidance and support at every step of their return to the workplace.

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