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Make Every Trip to the Office Count with Team Sync

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It seems like every news source, LinkedIn post, or TikTok is talking about hybrid work and the increasing desire for flexibility.

It makes sense. We all just spent the last two years perfecting this whole WFH “experiment.” And what did we learn? That most employees either maintained the same level of productivity or, in some cases, exceeded it.

The challenge of hybrid work isn’t about whether you give your employees the flexibility they want, it’s figuring out a way to offer that flexibility without losing the collaborative spark and energy that comes from teams working together in person.

Where Hybrid Breaks Down

Unfortunately, a vast majority of companies that adopt a hybrid work policy find themselves fumbling through it.

That’s because one of the biggest challenges of hybrid is trying to coordinate in-person time by piecing together emails, Slacks, calendars…all of which wastes valuable time and just isn’t sustainable for the long-haul.

Which leads to the stories about employees going all the way into the office just to find out the people they need aren’t there. Can you say “waste of a commute?”

The future of work shouldn’t come at the cost of energy, time, or productivity. That doesn’t help us move forward. What it should start with is better visibility and easier access to connect the dots and enable a better way of collaborating.

Introducing Team Sync: The First Assistant Built for Hybrid Teams

With our newest offering, Team Sync, managers and employees can eliminate the guesswork and time spent trying to schedule and coordinate and instead, focus their energy on the moments that matter.

Think of Team Sync as your hybrid assistant, answering the question of “who’s working from where?” right as you need it, no matter what you're doing when you need to know.

Your Hybrid Crystal Ball

Always know where the people you care about most will be, making it easier than ever to coordinate with teammates, close collaborators, or your manager.

Hybrid Without the Heavy Lift 

Say goodbye to the back and forth of figuring out who's working where. With automated routines and one-click work status updates, teams stay in the loop without all the noise.

Lives Where You Work

With Team Sync, everything you need to coordinate is just a click away. Sync your daily work status to Google Calendar or instantly see where teammates are, right in Slack.

Make Every Trip to the Office Worth It 

If the last two years have taught us anything, it’s that the moments where we can get together really make a difference. Our goal with Team Sync is to help every team easily find those moments so they can build, collaborate, and celebrate all in the same place. 

Ready for your team to try it out? Team Sync is free to use and takes less than 2 minutes to get started

Get your free download now!

Make Every Trip to the Office Count with Team Sync


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