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Know the Where of Hybrid Work with Google Calendar and Team Sync

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Does hybrid work have an ambiguity problem? Ask most hybrid teams today and they'd probably say yes. That's because while the flexibility of hybrid work is a huge selling point, the downside is that most hybrid employees don't have an easy way of actually knowing who's planning on coming into the office and who's working remotely. This is especially true when teams have a remote-first hybrid work schedule.

What makes it even tougher is that most hybrid employees default to using their calendars to piece together the full story. Trouble is, that only gets you so far: you get the "when" of a co-worker's availability but not the "where".

Solving the challenge of hybrid team coordination

Instead of playing calendar detective to figure out who's actually going into the office, teams can now connect Google Calendar with Team Sync to automatically surface that information. Not only does this make the decision of where to work from instantly easier, but it also gives teams an opportunity for some in-person collaboration that they might have otherwise missed.

Team Sync's Google Calendar integration

Let's take a closer look at some key features of the integration.

Automatically sync your work routine to calendar

Everyone has their routine. But communicating what that is (or if it's changed) isn't always a smooth process in a hybrid work model.

By automatically capturing each team member's hybrid work schedule and surfacing that workplace routine on calendar, no one has to remember to communicate when they plan on working from the office next—it's right there for everyone to see.

Workplace routine on google calendar

Even when plans change (which they will), updating work statuses is easy, fast, and instantly reflected back on calendar.

See the best day for in-office collaboration

Some moments are just better served in person. An upcoming 1:1 with your manager, a brainstorming session, or even just a coffee date with a favorite co-worker. And in a hybrid working model, any opportunity for in-person collaboration really does depend on whether or not individual team members can see one another's schedules and the days they plan on doing office work.

Not only does Team Sync solve this by capturing the hybrid work schedule of every team member, but it also surfaces it as an all-day calendar event so it's easy to spot.  

Teams can then easily coordinate schedules, find a day that works best for everyone, and make their way into the office knowing that there's a true purpose to the trip.

Work statuses on Google Calendar

Know if meeting attendees plan on being in the office

Zoom link or conference room? By surfacing the work statuses of meeting attendees inside calendar event details, meeting organizers can get a heads up on what arrangements or resources are needed to ensure the meeting is productive, collaborative, and engaging.

Not only that, but knowing if remote team members are joining your call or if everyone is just going to be in the office together can actually help shape the type of meeting that's held and how it's run.

Case in point: remote collaboration can be really difficult to get right. But knowing ahead of time that an upcoming meeting is going to have a mix of office employees and remote team members, organizers can properly prepare and line up the right tools to ensure everyone is getting value from the meeting.

Work statuses in meeting event details on Google Calendar

Hybrid team collaboration shouldn't feel like a full-time job

But for the average hybrid worker, it is. And the downside is that even though in person team time can boost productivity, employee satisfaction, and employee engagement, it won't happen (or at least not as frequently) if it's just too hard for them to coordinate.

That's why it's so important that the tools and solutions built for a  hybrid workforce are out-of-the-box simple. By integrating Team Sync with Google Calendar, we aim to deliver an easy way for every team member to find time to get together in person without forcing them to adopt a new way of working or sacrifice the flexibility of hybrid working.

Teams can use their calendar just like they always have to schedule meetings or find free time, but now have the added bonus of finally knowing for sure where those meetings can happen—whether that's at home or at the office.

The Google Calendar + Team Sync integration is free for all users. Check out this page to learn more and get started.

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Know the Where of Hybrid Work with Google Calendar and Team Sync


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