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How to Build a Diverse Hybrid Team

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The hybrid workplace model has many advantages such as increasing employees’ job satisfaction and improving productivity across your organization, but the hybrid or remote model can also have a positive impact on diversity and inclusion in the workplace if hiring is done right. Even if you’re not in HR, as a workplace manager you play a critical role in hiring processes for your team. Here are some DEI hiring practices to keep in mind as you grow your hybrid team.

Be Open to 100% Remote

The beautiful part of the hybrid work model is that you no longer have to rely on local talent. If your company policy allows it, consider posting 100% remote positions as a way of attracting a more diverse pool of talent which wouldn’t normally have access to jobs at your company due to geography, disabilities that prevent them from working in an office setting, or familial obligations. 

Promote DEI Efforts in Your Team

Educate your team on the importance of diversity and inclusion and the most common hiring biases so that they’re aware of them. This will help them avoid bias during the recruitment and hiring process.

Be Inclusive with Recruitment and Hiring 

Widen your recruitment net by using alternative channels for advertising job openings or visiting job fairs that you don’t normally attend. You can also diversify your talent pool by adjusting or broadening qualifications. For instance, does having a Bachelor’s degree really matter? During the hiring process, make sure to include a diverse group to evaluate your candidates as a way of inviting different perspectives.  

Working Toward A More Diverse Hybrid Workplace 

By following the tips above, hybrid team managers have an opportunity to make significant contributions toward a more inclusive workplace. Not only that, they’ll get to reap all the benefits of having a more diverse hybrid team.

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How to Build a Diverse Hybrid Team


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