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8 Tips to Succeed as a Manager of a Hybrid Team

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8 Tips to Succeed as a Manager of a Hybrid Team

This guide will help your people managers learn more about their important role in the hybrid workplace and manage this transition successfully. With these proven tips on team communication and hybrid work norms, they will have the tools at their disposal to help teams be productive, happy, and engaged in this new hybrid world.


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The Great RTO Debate: To Mandate or Not?

Is enforcing a return to office actually doing more harm than good? Join Scoop Technologies CEO and Co-Founder, Rob Sadow, as he examines the implications of mandatory RTO policies, what today’s employees really want, and how leaders can find common ground without sacrificing top talent or workplace culture.

The Pros and Cons of Hybrid Work Schedules

Stuck on the right hybrid schedule for your team? Here's our take on the opportunities and challenges of the three most common hybrid schedules.

How Do You Measure the Productivity of Hybrid Employees?

When hybrid managers and employees don't see eye to eye on productivity, everyone loses. Read on to learn what managers *should* be doing today to get an accurate pulse on productivity.

When Should You Work from the Office?

Understanding when it makes sense to work from the office starts by knowing why it might make sense to do so (and when it doesn't).

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