Hybrid Challenges & Solutions

Hybrid Work Surveys: Listening To Hybrid Employees

Learn how to optimize hybrid work structures for employee engagement and productivity by using surveys to balance in-person and remote work effectively.
Hybrid Challenges & Solutions

Creating a Hybrid Work Policy

Discover how to create a successful hybrid work policy and effectively convey it to your team using with this template.
Culture & Employee Engagement

4 Tips for Building Strong Relationships in Hybrid Teams

Struggling to connect with your hybrid team? In this guide, we'll share the top tips for building stronger relationships even when you're not all in the same place at the same time.
Office Space & Design

Post-Pandemic Office Design for the Hybrid Workplace

Transforming your workplace post-pandemic: Boost productivity, collaboration, and well-being with these key design principles for your hybrid office.
Hybrid Models & Definitions

Deep Dive: Fully Flexible Hybrid Work Schedule in 2023

Discover the power of hybrid work schedules: types, popularity, and considerations for a flexible and productive workplace.
Hybrid Models & Definitions

Deep Dive: Structured Hybrid Work Schedule in 2023

Discover the world of structured hybrid work schedules: types, popularity, pros, cons, and implementation tips in 2023.
Employee Flexibility

Tips for Discussing Hybrid Work Flexibility with Your Manager

We've put together some tips and best practices on how to approach your manager and discuss your hybrid work preferences.
Hybrid Meetings

Types of Meetings and Hybrid Work: Which Meetings To Do Where

Learn which meetings are best for in-person work vs. remote to ensure they're productive, collaborative, and an effective use of everyone's time.

Optimizing Your Office Days for a Productive Hybrid Work Schedule

Navigating the complexities of hybrid work? In this article we'll share tips on how to optimize your office days, establish boundaries, and enhance productivity for a successful hybrid schedule.
Schedules & Calendars

Maximizing Hybrid Productivity When Working From Home

Unlock your work from home productivity! Find out how to boost productivity and maintain a healthy work-life balance with practical tips on scheduling, task prioritization, managing distractions, and fostering healthy habits.
Hybrid Models & Definitions

Hybrid Work Schedules in 2023: The Latest

In this blog, we'll dive into the current state of hybrid work and how it has evolved since the early days of COVID-19. We'll explore who's embracing this new way of working, how it has changed over time, and the different types of hybrid schedules you might come across.
Schedules & Calendars

When should hybrid employees work from the office?

Understanding when it makes sense to work from the office starts by knowing why it might make sense to do so (and when it doesn't).
Hybrid Tips & Best Practices

Our Favorite Remote Team Collaboration Tools for Hybrid Work

Check out our round-up of the must-have remote team collaboration tools for the hybrid workplace.
Culture & Employee Engagement

Hybrid Recruitment Model: Improving Recruitment & Retention

Could hybrid work be the key to retaining and attracting top talent?
Team Onboarding

How To and Best Practices: Onboarding New Employees to a Hybrid Team

On the heels of the Great Resignation, millions of Americans are settling into new roles, initiating what's being called The Great Onboarding. As of June 2022 ...

Webinar: Top Trends & Predictions for Leading Distributed Teams in 2023

To say that the workplace has changed over the last two years might be the biggest understatement of the century. But amongst all that change, common trends have emerged (and aren’t showing signs of slowing down).
Culture & Employee Engagement

How to Build a Healthy Workplace Culture in the Hybrid Era

With team members spending less time together in person in the hybrid work model, the workplace environment has come into sharp focus over the past two years...
Manager Best Practices

Are You Making These Hybrid Team Management Mistakes?

Managing a hybrid team in the post-pandemic workplace can be challenging. Make the transition as smooth as possible by avoiding these mistakes: 1. Not clarifying ...
Culture & Employee Engagement

Overcoming Proximity Bias in Hybrid Work Environments

There's a reason why proximity bias is so insidious — it's hard to see our own biases. Use these best practices to effectively overcome this hybrid workplace challenge.
Hybrid Tips & Best Practices

5 Team Collaboration Tips for the Hybrid Work Model

Looking to improve team collaboration in the hybrid work model? Follow these tips: 1. Retool team meetings ᐧ 2. Be intentional about boosting morale. ᐧ 3. Invest ...
Schedules & Calendars

3 Best Practices to Help Your Team Adapt to a Hybrid Schedule

Adjusting to a hybrid schedule can be a learning curve after working remotely. Here are some best practices for helping your team transition to hybrid work.
Culture & Employee Engagement

Proximity bias: how it impacts hybrid work and what to do about it

The hybrid workplace model, while it has its benefits, presents DEI challenges such as proximity bias. Learn how to improve diversity with DEI best practices.
Culture & Employee Engagement

DEI Best Practices for Your Hybrid Team

Managers can do their part to Improve diversity and inclusion in the hybrid workplace with these DEI best practices: Watch out for proximity bias …
Culture & Employee Engagement

3 Great Team Building Ideas for Hybrid Teams to do in the Office

When you’re in the office with your team, boost your workplace morale with these ideas: 1. Rotate desk assignments. ᐧ 2. Add games to your meetings. ᐧ 3. Hold …

Why In-Person 1:1 Meetings Are Best for Hybrid Employees and Managers

Looking to improve employee development and engagement? Here are some reasons to commit to in-person 1:1 meetings in the hybrid workplace model.: 1. There are…

3 Ways to Strengthen Worker Engagement in the Hybrid Workplace

Looking to improve worker engagement in your hybrid team? Follow these three steps when setting hybrid norms: 1. Hold regular team-building events …