Workplace operations built for hybrid teams

Leverage real-time attendance data to fuel hybrid work policies while offering employees intuitive options for coordination and desk management.

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The workplace has changed—And so has the way you manage it

Managing from spreadsheets just doesn’t scale. With Workplace Sync, instantly see attendance trends, improve your employees’ office experience, and build a flexible hybrid model that works for everyone.

Fine-tune your hybrid strategy with attendance data

Get crystal clear insights into how often employees are coming into the office vs working from home to help shape your org’s hybrid strategy.

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Scoop Dashboard View for Workplace AttendanceScoop Dashboard Attendance Trends
Scoop Building Details and Desk Attendance TrendsScoops Daily Check in Limit

Set capacity limits across offices

Manage phased returns and easily handle occupancy restrictions across multiple buildings or offices.

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Improve visibility for employee desk management

Enable individual, neighborhood, or hot desk selection in one seamless employee experience.

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Set your status via ScoopDesk Placement Via Scoop

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Get the most out of Team Sync
Scoop Slack App

Get daily and weekly snapshots of who’s coming in. Use slack commands to view co-worker statuses or set your own.

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Workplace Routines

Set a default status for the days you work from the same place to easily keep your schedule up to date.

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Sync with your Google Calendar

Easily see team member’s statuses inside an event. Automatically add and update your daily workplace status on your calendar.

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