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Easily locate an employee or co-worker, at the workplace or virtually
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Screenshot of Scoop's interfaces for identifying where an employee is sitting.

Quickly locate where an employee is sitting

See where each employee is seated in your Scoop dashboard.

Screenshot of Scoop's customer dashboard enabling a user to search for and find the desk location for a specific employee.
Screenshot of Scoop's mobile application enabling users to find specific co-workers that are going into the office.

Find your coworkers, without having to ask

See where your co-workers are sitting in the Scoop app or browser extension.

Select a desk near your teammates or friends

See where co-workers are sitting as you select your own desk.

Screenshot of Scoop's mobile experience enabling someone to select a desk while referencing other employees' desk locations.

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  • Deploy vaccination requirements & custom health policies
  • Workplace usage trends and reporting
  • Desk management and seamless employee desk booking
  • See where teammates are working (calendar integration coming soon!)
  • Straightforward per employee pricing! No extra charge for desks or buildings

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