An easy, intuitive desk booking experience

Reserve individual desks, a spot in a neighborhood, or open seating.
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Screenshot of Scoop's web extension enabling employees to select a desk for when they are coming into the workplace.

Easily browse available desks and desk types

Employees will only see desks for which they are eligible.

Screenshot of Scoop's mobile application enabling employees to browse eligible desks when deciding to come into the workplace.
Screenshot of Scoop's mobile experience for scheduling work location in advance.

Select a desk for today - or next week

Employees can select a desk for one day or multiple days in advance.

See your seating options on the floor plan

Employees can see where desks are on the floorplan when selecting.

Screenshot of Scoop's mobile app enabling employees to see the floor plan when booking their desk.
Screenshot of Scoop's mobile apps enabling employees to select a seat near where other employees have booked their desks.

Select a desk near your teammates or friends

See where co-workers are sitting as you select your own desk.

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  • Deploy vaccination requirements & custom health policies
  • Workplace usage trends and reporting
  • Desk management and seamless employee desk booking
  • See where teammates are working with Google Calendar and Slack
  • Straightforward per employee pricing! No extra charge for desks or buildings