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  • Deploy vaccination requirements & custom health policies
  • Workplace usage trends and reporting
  • Desk management and seamless employee desk booking
  • See where teammates are working with Google Calendar and Slack
  • Straightforward per employee pricing! No extra charge for desks or buildings

The central platform for managing your hybrid work environment

No matter where you are on your hybrid journey, Scoop has your organization covered with solutions that help you make sense of coordinating your team, office space, or commute.

Empower hybrid teams to reach their full potential

Make it easy for teams to coordinate their time and work location.

Team Sync (Beta)
Eliminate the time spent on coordination and scheduling with the first assistant built for hybrid teams.
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Scoop for Slack
Easily pull up where team members plan on working with Slack commands that show current and future statuses.
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Workplace Routines
Set a weekly recurring workplace schedule and only update your status when your plans change.
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Scoop for Google Calendar
Automatically sync and surface your work location right on Google Calendar.
scoop coworker status

Desk management built for the hybrid workplace

A flexible desk system that’s easy for employees.

Desk operations
Upload desks, assign eligibility, and manage floor plans for each workplace.
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Seat selection visibility
See where an employee is sitting and make it easy for co-workers to find each other.
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Desk booking
Enable individual, neighborhood, or hot desk selection in one seamless employee experience.
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Screenshot of Scoop's desk management solution for uploading desks and enabling employee desk booking with floor plan.s

Reopen your workplace with confidence

Protect your people and ensure compliance for your organization.

Vaccination requirements
Collect vaccination status, require vaccinations, and verify documentation.
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Contact tracing
Respond to health incidents instantly with one-click attendance records.
Custom policies and health screenings
Create and update guidelines for employees to accept before coming in.
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Capacity management
Set and modify building, floor, and desk capacity limits.
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scoop workplace safety

Crystal clear visibility into workplace usage

Set guidelines and get data on how employees are using the workplace.

Capacity management
Set and modify building, floor, and desk capacity limits.
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Planned & actual attendance
See who is planning to come into the workplace and review daily check-ins.
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Attendance expectations
Empower managers to set expectations on minimum, maximum, or specific days to be in the workplace.
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Utilization trends
Analyze historical, current, and intended workplace usage by department, building, and more.
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Screenshot of Scoop's analytics functionality for viewing charts and graphs of workplace attendance trends.

Rethink your employees’ commute

Get one scalable program that solves key pain points across your HR, facilities, and transportation teams.

Door-to-door carpools
Carpool with a trusted network of co-workers.
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Tools to manage, measure, and grow your program
Boost employee experience,
company culture, and loyalty.
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Backup commute options with Lyft
Ensure every employee always has a convenient backup ride available to work - or home.
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