Go into the office on the right days

Instantly make navigating your hybrid workday easier. Save time on manual updates, stay on top of your schedule, and enjoy the in-person moments that make office days great.

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Thousands of happy hybrid employees choose Scoop

Trusted by over 1M+ users

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Take control of hybrid work

Scoop helps you maximize your flexibility by managing the daily ins and outs of hybrid work

Set - and share - your next office day with a single click

You choose your next office day. Scoop shares it with everyone, everywhere, including:

✅ Setting your other days until then to Remote 🏡

Automatically updating your Slack status each day with your work location 

✅ Adding (or updating) your daily work location in Google Calendar

✅ Updating your work location to “Out of Office” when we see an OOO event on your calendar

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Easily land on your next office day

Instantly poll a channel of co-workers, see what day works best, and confirm your plans — all without leaving Slack.

Alex L.

"If you want something user-friendly and simple for wanting to know when your colleagues are in the office, who is working remotely, and which site they are at - Scoop is for you!" - Charlene S

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Set your in-office days in one click

Automatically sync your plans from Slack to Google Calendar and keep everyone updated on where you’ll be.

More face-to-face, less back-and-forth

Save valuable time when you let the Scoop scheduling assistant do the hard work. Pick a co-worker to invite for coffee, lunch, or just an in-person chat, and Scoop handles the rest - all the way to your calendar.

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Everyone’s plans in a single Snapshot

Get a look ahead at your day or week with a personalized summary of who is going in and what’s on your calendar. Make plans, shift meetings, and invite your Favorite people to join you.

Alex L.

"Knowing what colleagues are going into the office - it's super helpful to know this so I can plan when to go into the office or what to expect when I get there, I love it!" - Megan G

Stay in control of your schedule

Keep up with changing schedules and get real-time updates on everyone’s office plans with the Scoop mobile app and Calendar extension. #nomorewastedcommutes

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Know where your meeting guests (actually) are

Keep important meetings on track and productive. Scoop syncs guests' in-person vs. virtual plans straight to the events' RSVP list.

Your hybrid crystal ball

Always know where the people you care about most will be, making it easier than ever to coordinate with teammates, close collaborators, or your manager.

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Hybrid without the heavy lift

Say goodbye to the back and forth of figuring out who's working where. With automated routines and one-click work status updates, teams stay in the loop without all the noise.

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Lives where you work

With Team Sync, everything you need to coordinate is just a click away. Sync your daily work status to Google Calendar or instantly see where teammates are, right in Slack.

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Get started in seconds

Download Scoop for Slack

Add Scoop to your Slack in one click — no bells, whistles, or registration required.

Launch your first in-office poll

Decide on the best day to go in and instantly confirm plans.

Do more with the time together

Invite co-workers to join you for a coffee or bite to eat and make the most of your office days.

Get excited to go in!

Go in knowing there’s always something, and someone, to look forward to.

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